When Should I Book a Newborn Session?

Generally, I book sessions months in advance, you know, it is never too early to book! I suggest 3-6 months before your due date. Good planning makes the perfect photography. There is so much going on during your pregnancy and after giving birth, so you don't want to be rushed or miss the best time for your newborn session.

How do I Reserve a date?​

Because of newborns unpredictability, I simply write down your due date in my calendar,and reserve you a spot for after you give birth.​ I ask that clients put me on their birth list so they remember to let me know as soon as possible after the baby is born. For the mom’s with scheduled inductions and c-sections, a date can be booked ahead of time.​

When do you photograph my newborn?


4-12 days old is the best period for newborn photo shooting. This gives us the best chance to get those squishy, sweet, sleepy, curly shots that make you say "AWWW." Older than this, they tend to not “curl” as much and sleep less. Also, newborn acne and colic can usually flair up by the 2-3 week mark, it is to my and your advantage to photograph them as soon as possible.​ If you happen to miss this time, please DO NOT shy away. I will still work with you and take your newborn if they are past 12 days, I do not discriminate. As long as a day in my schedule is open, I will accept the challenge.​

Do you come to my home?

I offer fine art newborn portraits in my studio, or in the comfort of your home. Working in my studio allows me to shoot in a controlled environment, with the perfect lighting and room temperature that are so important to the success of a newborn session. I am also happy to capture newborn portraits in the beautiful settings of your home - just make sure you have a big window with lots of natrual light in the room. 

How long does a session last?​

The average newborn session is 2-3 hours. Some are shorter, some are longer, it is really up to the baby. I stay as long as it takes, going by the baby’s schedule to take feeding breaks etc. ​Newborn sessions are very unpredictable. The session could last anywhere from an hour and a half to up to four hours. Please plan accordingly.

What do I need for the session?​

All you need is the baby and anyone or anything else special you want in the photos. I bring more props than you will know what to do with! You can also buy anything unique / meaningful for your session that I may not have.

Who else can be on the photos?

I encourage newborn's parents and siblings to join the photo shooting, of course, it is totally your choice. You cannot get this time back, and later you will be thankful to have photos of yourself with your new baby. Also, as your baby grows, they will love seeing themselves as a teeny tiny baby with mommy, daddy and siblings.

What's the best time of a day for newborn photo shooting?

The answer is absolutely in the mornings. Babies are better in the mornings, our energy levels are better as well. Especially if we shoot at your house, I can use available window light much better, afternoons do not work very well and your pictures might be compromised.

What should we wear? What should the baby wear?

Once your session is reserved, I will send information to help you to prepare for your newborn session. It will include clothing suggestions and links where you can find the latest and cutest baby products so that your session will be unique to you. Once your session is scheduled if you have questions about certain clothing or outfits, I would be happy to answer them for you.

Is there anything that I should do on the day of the session?

You play THE MOST IMPORTANT ROLE in your babies session. You will get a welcome e-mail with all of this information when you send your deposit and return your your contract.​

When should I pay? How can I pay?

There is a deposit to reserve a date when you book your session. You will get a receipt for the deposit and a contract to sign and retune to me. On the day of your session, you pay the rest of the full amount, again you will get a receipt for it. Paypal, cash, and check are all fine.

What about post - photography?

After your session, you can review all the photos at your private gallery on my website. Then choose the photos you want to be edited for fine photography. I do give all parents 2 weeks to review and choose photos. However, some parents hate to make choices, if you are one of them, don't worry, just let me know, I will choose the best shots for you. After choosing the photos, I usually will send you a few fully retouched photos with in 3-5 business days, and you will get the whole edited full resolution images on a disc in about 3-4 weeks.